About The Bible School In A Box


“The Bible School in a Box” is provided by the Bible based ministry of Clear Vision Bible Studies offering Pastors, Teachers, Educators, and Bible students around the world, a one stop source for Bible study and teaching.

Clear Vision Bible Studies takes great pride in its history, for nearly a century of providing  biblically based sermons, books,  and charts to multitudes all over the world to spread the Gospel of our blessed Lord and Savior.  History of C.V.B.S. can be found     > Here <

This Bible Timeline learning system is built upon the chart “The Revelation of the Word”, which arranges the key people, places, and events of the Bible in chronological order. Many Ministers use these materials and these images from the chart on TV when teaching a particular subject. This revolutionary study aid shows how all of the books of the Bible fit together. Each period of The Bible Timeline is assigned a unique color which gives a very good "birds-eye" view of the Bible to see the big picture which helps to remember the narrative and provides a great graphic outline that makes it easy to follow the story and see how it all connects together.

Ideally suited to people of all backgrounds or anyone who wants to build up their faith and their relationship with God with solid foundational Biblically-based materials and teaching supplies will find these extensive items for home, school or church and invaluable and a inspiring source for making the most of every moment you study to achieve an understanding of God's word. Critical historical and background information and interpretations are relevant in ways to apply Bible teachings to daily life. Using the charts and outlines and books, plus inspiring suggestions will show you how to grasp Gods love and his plan for humanity.




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