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There have been many charts drawn over the years, but by far the most detailed and understandable are the charts by Clarence Larkin and Doc C. C. Gosey.  Gosey (with permission) took Larkin's charts and in vivid color designed a timeline chart in detail called "The Revelation of the Word" and the chart took prophecy and Bible study to a whole new dimension. It's been said that if there were an Oscar for Bible charts Doc C. C.  Gosey’s "The Revelation of the Word" chart would win the Oscar. He authored several books color coded for teaching using the chart.  Some of  the history of  his ministry can be viewed ... >Here <  

He was often called "The Walking Bible".  The MyWord KJV web based Bible browsing program was dedicated to him,    > See it Here < 

 The Prophets would see events of the future in rapid succession but in reality would be separated by many years. This is more easily understood by seeing the events visually stretched out and detailed on the chart. History in advance. Bible charts help tremendously in piecing together the details of prophecy. There are charts to study the original creation to take you on a timeline to the new Earth. Bible prophecy is better understood by piecing the details together by using visual charts and diagrams, sometimes called maps. God has given one Prophet a piece of the puzzle and another Prophet another piece of the puzzle. Bible charts bring all those pieces together and prophecy no longer is a puzzle, thereby helping us to understand and see a visual picture. Doc Gosey's books and charts are designed  help  bring a deeper understanding of God's Word!

Bible verse John 8:31 



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