Teacher's Version (Available in TWO sizes)


 8ft x 30   in. (grommets on each corner)  OR  the  14 x 4  ft.  (grommets every 2 ft)

when you order.

Charts are Premillennial, Pre-Tribulation.

 "The Revelation of the Word" chart in color depicts the Creation Story, with the Earth fresh out of Eternity, the SEVEN CREATIVE DAYS, the Garden with its TRAIL OF BLOOD all the way to CALVARY, and more, much more. The chart gives a very good "birds-eye" view of the Bible and makes it easy to see the BIG picture of how it all connects together. Comparisons of types, shadows, prophecies, histories, interpretations and applications are revealed as you study using this Chart and the additional charts and Books included in The Bible School In A Box. Some of the 12 x36" charts are printed on both sides.


Student Version :    12  of  the 12" x 36"  "The Revelation of The Word" Charts 

Included in the Bible Charts
 in the "Bible School In A Box"



(5 ) 36x12" B/W Charts " printed on Tyvek or Yupo on both sides" (1) printed on Bonded paper

Genesis/The Threefold Nature of Man

The Church /Two Phases of Coming



Daniel Simplified / Daniel's Seventy Weeks

The Tabernacle/Book of Revelations

The Mysteries/Christ and his Saints compared to the Heavenly Bodies

There's No Place like Hell/Leviticus The Book of "Sacrifice'



Antichrist and the times of The Gentiles/The Sign of the Times



The Resurrections/The Tabernacle


Spiritual Temperature Chart/Genesis Genealogy



The Panorama of Prophecy/The Sixth Creative Day





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