RICHES IN REVELATION SIMPLIFIED This is a chapter by chapter treatise on the "Three Great Divisions" of the book John was told to write: (I) the things thou HAST SEEN, i.e , the PAST; (2) the things which ARE, i.e, the PRESENT; and (3) the THINGS WHICH SHALL BE HEREAFTER, i e, the FUTURE. This is Pre-millennial as to the coming of Christ and Pre-Tribulation as to the Rapture. The entire 22 chapters are depicted on the Chart. This is a practical, sound, and fundamental treatise on this profound book. The Author treats the book as a REVELATION, not a mystery . 144 pages .



We must look into the future through the prophetic eye of yesterday. Some of what was prophecy yesterday is current events today and will be history tomorrow. This is panoramic, a view of constantly moving and changing scenes. The line is very thin between some of those things which should be classified as future and those which should be the last and final things. So thin, in fact that sometimes it is almost indiscernible. Which is sometimes a matter of opinion to most of us. However, the major events in eschatology, the big and basic things, are fairly well agreed upon by most. The resurrection: that there will be at least two parts—and these two parts are divided by 1000 years; the judgment—that there will be a "judgment seat of Christ"—and there will be a "Great White Throne" judgment; that there will be a "New Heaven and Earth" period after the present has past away, on these we are pretty well agreed. But on the different aspects of the coming of Christ; the Tribulation Period and the events between the Tribulation and the Millennium, we are in woeful disarray. Not that any believe He will NOT come again, as He said, but WHEN, HOW and to WHOM and for WHOM, well that's something else. Yet all these subjects are in the realm of Prophecy. 105 Pages.



 History has proven the accuracy of Daniel's Prophecies. The Chart includes the contents of ALL 12 chapters, the enlarged "Great Image" the King saw, and an entirely new approach to the WORD of Daniel, omitting all confusing inaccurate dates of contemporary history. This is a "MUST ' for every student of Prophecy. 80 pages.




TYPESEEING THRU THE TABERNACLE is just that. We journey thru The Eastern Gate and thru the White Fence into the OUTER COURT, past the BRAZEN LAVER of WATER, then into the SANCTUARY (HOLY PLACE), then to the MOST HOLY PLACE. We see a type of Christ or the Church in every piece of furniture, from every curtain and color. Comparison is made with the NT plan of salvation. Every Tabernacle Type shows Christ in the past, present or future. You will enjoy this study as well as the "OFFERING" and the portion titled the "WORD". A must for the teacher. 80 pages




RICHES IN TYPOLOGY The OLD and the NEW are compared using the words of the Master,"AS" and "SO". "AS" it was in the days of Noah, "SO" it be in the days of the coming of The Son of Man. AS is always the PAST; SO is always the FUTURE. The Chart NO. 7 is very useful with this book as it shows how ALL TYPES are fulfilled in CHRIST, the CHURCH, or ESCHATOLOGY . 104 pages.




The Millennium Reign - Will You Be Surprised! Also predestination versus free will and six and interrogatives. The THOUSAND YEARS, the Millennium Age, the so-called Golden Age, without the Devil and HOW DOES IT END? If you don't remember anything else about the 20th chapter of Revelation, remember this ONE thing. It ends in the greatest rebellion against God the world has ever known. There is a reason for this. Read all about it in "The Millennium Reign" , as Paul Harvey would say ‘for the rest of the story”. 80 pages




THE BIRTH OF REASON... A story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil "REASON IS FAITH'S GREATEST ENEMY". You will love these FAITH AND REASON comparisons' Also learn WHO really wrote the book of Hebrews! and more.  80 pages .





PROFIT FROM THE PROPHETS (FREE SHIPPING) Elijah and Elisha, their Ministry and Miracles come alive in teaching for The NT saint and servant. Emphasis is on the "Double Portion'' Elisha prayed for and received. A double blessing awaits the reader. 80 pages .




Parables, what are they? And why are they necessary in the teaching skills? Gathered from the dictionary, bible, commentaries, etc., here are some definitions of what we mean by the word "parable."
"Parable, allegory, fable, while synonyms, each have a slightly different meaning."
"Parables of the Lord were never allegories, as allegories have a thread of untruth running thru them; things are presented fictiously, the parables of Christ present truths truthfully." "In parables actual names are never used, for then it would not be a parable, but a statement of an historical fact." (This is why Lu. 16:19 is not a parable as Lazarus is named here.) "When Jesus used parables He always identified them as such or they were constructed so as to be easily recognized as parables." "Parables are never fables, as fables are, generally, a way of expressing a lesson using animals as characters." "A parable is a narrative making a moral or religious point by comparison with natural or homey things."

"Parable, from the Greek 'parabole,' meaning to place alongside, is therefore a comparison of two objects for the purpose of teaching. The Hebrew word 'mashal' has the same meaning in the OT." Jesus did not invent the parable, but He was the master of its use, and the only one in the NT to use it. The disciples were caught off guard when He began this form of teaching. "Why teachest thou in parables," they asked (Matt. 13:10). "Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given." 75 pages .



. The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World



This is Clarence Larkin's famous book on dispensationalism that includes his beautifully-drawn black and white charts on a CD in the PFD format. The pages has many images which can be printed from a computer and   be used for a class handout. Said to be The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World. This is a much sought-after and must-have book by teachers and students of prophecy. 385 pages