The Notebook Includes: The Outlines, The Student Handouts, and More!

The Teacher’s Notebook is for the Bible teacher looking for an all-in-one resource to start a Bible school or additional resources to supplement an ongoing teaching . On the following page you will be able to view the teachers section of the outlines  in a flash video of the,


1. 5 Priorities for successful ministry. (4 pages)

2. Outline of how to prepare a lesson plan. (2 pages)

3. Outline of sample lesson plan (3 pages)

4. Introduction to the Bible, The origin and history. (3 pages)

5. How to study outline.

6. Prayer suggestions for the teacher and the class.

7. What is The Bible?

8. Every book in the Bible is about Jesus, 66 references.  (2 pages)

9. The Gospels, analysis of each book.  (4  pages)

Bible Teachers NoteBook Video