The " Revelation of the Word " bible chart . This bible chart by Reverend  C. C. Gosey  Ph. D, Th. D, S.T.D., D.D. has been used by bible prophecy teachers for years. This bible chart is based on the legendary drawings of Clarence Larkin. It is designed to be displayed in the front of a church or class. The chart is made of a flexible vinyl.  You can order the 8 foot x 30 inch  Chart ---> Here  ( Or, if you are unfamiliar with the procedure of ordering online you are welcome to call 918-438-4413 ). Smaller versions of  this  bible chart 12 x 36 inch  available -->HERE . The largest bible chart  is 14 feet wide and 48 inches tall MORE INFORMATION 0n the 14 foot chart ---->HERE  Many other bible charts with various bible topics are available to distribute among class participants. Whether you're looking for bible charts for individual use, a prophecy bible chart or a large bible chart for group studies or bible school,  find them here. There is a SPECIAL 8 Ft Teachers Prophecy Chart + 4 Books Package HERE. Use the bible charts as bible study aids as you study the Old and New Testament Timelines,  use the bible charts as a resource  in sermon preparation or for your personal bible study. The  C C Gosey Bible Charts and study Outlines, books and Time Line Charts  are ideal for Sermons, Sunday School or Personal Devotionals, designed to be used as tools to encourage the study of God's Word.  Several charts are available to study the  Old and New Testament events plus prophecy books, dispensational studies and Signs of the End Times and more, MUCH MORE!


Some of the book available are:


This is a chapter by chapter and verse consideration of all 50 chapters of the first book of the Bible. Comparisons types, shadows, prophecies, histories, interpretations and applications are all interwoven in these pages.

History has proven the accuracy of Daniel's Prophecies. The Chart includes the contents of ALL 12 chapters, the enlarged "Great Image" the King saw, and an entirely new approach to the WORD of Daniel, omitting all confusing inaccurate dates of contemporary history. This is a "MUST ' for every student of Prophecy.

This is a chapter by chapter treatise on the "Three Great Divisions" of the book John was told to write: (I) the things thou HAST SEEN, i.e , the PAST; (2) the things which ARE, i.e, the PRESENT; and (3) the THINGS WHICH SHALL BE HEREAFTER, i e, the FUTURE. This is Pre-millennial as to the coming of Christ and Pre-Tribulation as to the Rapture. The entire 22 chapters are depicted on the Chart. This is a practical, sound, and fundamental treatise on this profound book. The Author treats the book as a REVELATION, not a mystery .

We must look into the future through the prophetic eye of yesterday. Some of what was prophecy yesterday is current events today and will be history tomorrow. This is panoramic, a view of constantly moving and changing scenes. The line is very thin between some of those things which should be classified as future and those which should be the last and final things. So thin, in fact that sometimes it is almost indiscernible. Which is which is sometimes a matter of opinion to most of us. However, the major events in eschatology, the big and basic things, are fairly well agreed upon by most. The resurrection: that there will be at least two parts—and these two parts are divided by 1000 years; the judgment—that there will be a "judgment seat of Christ"—and there will be a "Great White Throne" judgment; that there will be a "New Heaven and Earth" period after the present has past away, on these we are pretty well agreed. But on the different aspects of the coming of Christ; the Tribulation Period and the events between the Tribulation and the Millennium, we are in woeful disarray. Not that any believe He will NOT come again, as He said, but WHEN, HOW and to WHOM and for WHOM, well that's something else. Yet all these subjects are in the realm of Prophecy.


14 foot Chart



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