Charts are 12" tall by 36" wide and printed on tear-resistant "YUPO" printed in full color.

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In a colorful panorama "The Revelation of the Word" chart depicts the Creation Story, with the Earth fresh out of Eternity, the SEVEN CREATIVE DAYS, the Garden with its TRAIL OF BLOOD all the way to CALVARY, the Expulsion, the First Death, establishing the GRAVE LINE to the Great White Throne, the FLOOD, Abraham sacrificing Isaac , the EXODUS, the Dividing of the Monarchy, the CAPTIVITY, and The RETURN from the DIASPORA.

The  OT TABERNACLE PLAN is compared with the NT Golden Lamp stand, i.e., the CHURCH. The entire book of DANIEL and the book of REVELATION are compared and enlarged for focus on CURRENT EVENTS. The RAPTURE, the JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, the RETURN OF CHRIST WITH HIS SAINTS AFTER THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, the MILLENNIUM REIGN, the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT, and the NEW HEAVEN, NEW EARTH PERIOD and the LAKE OF FIRE. ......There's more, more, much more as you study God's Word. Several charts and books are also available to study old and new testament events, plus prophecy books, dispensational studies and Old Testament Timelines in detail can be ORDERED ONLINE  HERE.

Comparisons of types, shadows, prophecies, histories, interpretations and applications are revealed as you study the time lines.

Several charts are available to study the  old and new testament events plus prophecy books, dispensational studies and Signs of the End Times and more, much more!   Old Testament events and Old Testament Timelines in detail.

The books of the Prophets, are considered divine and true. This does not imply that the books of the prophets are always read literally. Jewish tradition has always held that prophets used metaphors and analogies. ( see our book "RICHES IN TYPOLOGY" ) There exists a wide range of commentaries explaining and elucidating those verses consisting of metaphor.

There are several corresponding study books available that can also be ordered (EXEGESIS IN GENESIS, RICHES IN TYPOLOGY SIMPLIFIED, MILLENNIUM REIGN, BIRTH OF REASON and EXEGESIS IN GENESIS..ETC) You can read more about the
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Study "what the prophets saw", "Daniel's Prophecies", "The tabernacle "and more.


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