Daniel Simplified





Daniel's star is on the ascendency! More and more persons of our day are convinced that his prophecies are being fulfilled even in our Day. No Old Testament Prophet, and certainly no modern day seer has put History in perspective as clearly as this Man from the Lions' Den.

His depiction of the Great Colossus, made to the King of Babylon, when Daniel was in exile in that country, is a Gem of Literature and of Prophecy. With unerring accuracy he told of the processional of World Kingdoms, some of them yet unborn even in our Day. Yet every one that was to have taken his place in History, from Daniel's world to ours has come and gone, leaving only the seed in the womb of time, from which will spring those kingdoms which will soon — very soon be seen on the Horizon of History.

Israel's 70th week of Tribulation, unaccounted for in her history up to this present date, must come. But before her "Day of Trouble, which there has never been and never will be one like it." Jer. 30:7, — before that day comes the Wandering Jew must return to the Homeland. She must have a Treaty of Peace with her enemies. She must build again the Temple. She must "dwell SAFELY, without GATES and without BARS," Ezk. 38:11, etc. She must be at REST and "then cometh sudden destruction as travail upon a woman and they shall not escape." This will be RUSSIA (Gog and Magog with Ethiopia and Persia) fulfilling Ezekiel's words of the 38-39 chapter.

Somewhere in there the Church will be Raptured. Then the Tribulation Period, the Reign of the AntiChrist, the Horrors of Hell on Earth will begin. Daniel saw all this and he told the King:


. . .the God of heaven has made known to the King what shall come to pass HEREAFTER,. . .the interpretation thereof is SURE! Dan. 2:45.

The Lord told John the very same:

".. .to show unto His servants the THINGS WHICH MUST .. .COME TO PASS," Rev. 1:1.

God Bless you!

Dr. C. C. Gosey


More has been written about the book of Daniel than any other book of the Old Testament. Why? Because, unlike most other books, even of prophecy, this book is not only a partial history of one certain people, but it goes farther than any other book in predicting the future of world kingdoms, from Daniel's day to the very coming of the Messiah. The Bible, and especial­ly the book of Daniel, sets itself above and apart from every other book of any age by its predictions of events of the future. Events which could only be known unto God and those to whom He reveals them. No other book of any age has attempted this to any extent. Where they have, their guesswork has resulted only in miserable failure, as the march of history leaves in its wake monumental evidence of man's inability to see beyond the end of his nose. The knowledge of the future is in the hands of the Almighty, and His servants. It has been said that we can know the future by the past. This is not true, we can only know the future by PROPHECY.


"The SECRET of the Lord is with them that fear Him and He will SHOW them His covenant." Psa. 25:14 "The SECRET things belong unto the Lord our Cod; but those things which are REVEALED belong unto us and our

children''' ...Du. 29:29


Prophecy is PREDICTIVE. Prophecy is 'HISTORY WRITTEN IN ADVANCE. Prophecy is current events and tomorrow's headlines declared YESTERDAY. Prophecy is God's THEN meeting man's NOW. Prophecy is The Father of current events. All current events are but history leaping to the response of prophecy uttered ages ago. The Bible is the "SURE WORD OF PROPHECY." As Daniel told the King.


"The Great God has made known...what SHALL come to pass HEREAFTER...the interpretation is SURE and the dream CERTAIN." Dan. 2:45

"Prophecy comes NOT by the will of man...but BY THE HOLY GHOST." 2 Peter 1:21


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