Parables, what are they? And why are they necessary in the teaching skills? Gathered from the dictionary, bible, commentaries, etc., here are some definitions of what we mean by the word "parable."
"Parable, allegory, fable, while synonyms, each have a slightly different meaning."
"Parables of the Lord were never allegories, as allegories have a thread of untruth running thru them; things are presented fictiously, the parables of Christ present truths truthfully." "In parables actual names are never used, for then it would not be a parable, but a statement of an historical fact." (This is why Lu. 16:19 is not a parable as Lazarus is named here.) "When Jesus used parables He always identified them as such or they were constructed so as to be easily recognized as parables." "Parables are never fables, as fables are, generally, a way of expressing a lesson using animals as characters." "A parable is a narrative making a moral or religious point by comparison with natural or homey things."

"Parable, from the Greek 'parabole,' meaning to place alongside, is therefore a comparison of two objects for the purpose of teaching. The Hebrew word 'mashal' has the same meaning in the OT." Jesus did not invent the parable, but He was the master of its use, and the only one in the NT to use it. The disciples were caught off guard when He began this form of teaching. "Why teachest thou in parables," they asked (Matt. 13:10). "Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given." 75 pages .




The Gospel of John is, mainly, one miracle after another; It is devoted almost entirely to "SIGNS" or "MIRACLES" of Christ. Yet they are not a disconnected series of events, unrelated one to the other. They differ in many respects as to time, places, and circumstances; dealing with person to person as He devotes concern to one individual, and then He is feeding 5,000 on the mountain side. He is attending a wedding, where His FIRST miracle is performed and then He is conducting a funeral, demonstrating that He is "the Resurrection and the Life" as Lazarus walks again in the land of the living. But all are related. John has only one purpose, only one reason in mind, and that is that the reader may be caused to BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God! "these things are written that YOU might BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, AND THAT IN BELIEVING YOU MIGHT HAVE LIFE THRU HIS NAME." John 20:30 Just think of that! Every one of the MIRACLES had only one intent. To cause you to believe. John records  EIGHT miracles (seven of them occurred BEFORE the above verse was written, and one after the Resurrection). There were many more miracles. Thousands, maybe millions! How do I know that? Read on with me in this study of one, if not the greatest, Gospel Story in the Greatest Book ever written.
"If thou wouldest BELIEVE thou
shouldest SEE the GLORY OF GOD."

Rev. C.C. Gosey. Ph.D.

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First it must be made clear that the Sabbath in question and over which there is so much argument, is the Seventh Day Sabbath, usually referred to in the Scriptures as "the Sabbath of the Lord," for God gave Israel many Sabbaths and the Seventh Day Sabbath was no more important than the others. The word Sabbath means "to cease" and was used in direct reference to days on which "no servile work was to be done." According to Exodus 31:13, 17 all the Sabbaths were "for a sign between" God and Israel for the purpose "that they might know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify them." See Ezekiel 20:12-21.
A study of the following Scriptures will prove the many Sabbaths and their importance:


The Seventh Day Sabbath. Exodus 16:23-31; 20:8-11.



First and Seventh Day of the Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread. Leviticus 23:7, 8. These Sabbaths came on the fifteenth and twenty-first days of the first month of the Jewish calendar (Nisan, about our April).
Feast of Pentecost. Leviticus 23:15-22. This came on the sixth day of the third month (Sivan, about our June).
Feast of Trumpets. Leviticus 23:24, 25. This came on the first day of the seventh month (Ethamin or Tizri, about our October).
Feast of Atonement. Leviticus 23:26-32. This Sabbath came on the tenth day of the seventh month.


 God commanded that the land be allowed a rest or Sabbath every seventh year. Leviticus 25:2-7.
Every fiftieth year also was a Sabbatical year. Leviticus 25:8-55. If you have studied the preceding Scriptures, you know that there were many different ceremonies and rituals for each different Sabbath according to the feast it was in, but the one thing common to all was that "NO SERVILE WORK SHALL BE DONE THEREIN." The command to "keep" or "observe" was positively the same to ALL of them. Why profess to keep the Seventh Day Sabbath and ignore the' seven other "Sabbath Days" and the Sabbatical years? Yet those who advocate the Seventh Day or Saturday observance do that very thing. Who authorized this distinction in favor of the Seventh Day Sabbath and the discrimination against the other Sabbaths? He who attempts to keep one must of necessity observe all the others. Does not James 2:10 tell us that "whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all?"

The Handy Bible Chart and Genesis Genealogy pages are also included. 60 Pages



The writings of no humans are sacred. Time and change bring new ideas and new approaches, as we view history from Past, Present or Future. Only the Infallible WORD OF GOD, the BIBLE, remains trustworthy. So if my views on the subject of the RESURRECTION are different than the views of others, living or dead, it may be just as conversely said, they differ with me. They have that right. And I also have the right to differ with them. Their rights, and my rights, cease where the WORD OF GOD begins. On this we should agree.


 This is the HOPE of all humanity; whether they embrace it, as do all Christians, or they hope in the sense that they wish it were so, but they do not, by faith, see how it can be. All are appalled by the END OF LIFE HERE. Death and Resurrection are inseparable in the thinking of man. That is, death is father to the thought of RESURRECTION. The Ancients pondered the mystery of life beyond the tomb.
Job said: If a man die shall he live again? 14:14 What human being, standing on the threshold between this life and the life to come, has not asked the same question? Pondering what lies beyond the veil that separates the seen from the unseen, the "now from the then," has provoked great thinkers to great thoughts and great expressions of poetry and prose. William Cullen Bryant spoke of "innumerable caravan which move to that mysterious realm, where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of death. "

Tennyson called it "putting out to sea." "for tho' from out our bourne of time and place the flood may bear me far I hope to see my Pilot's face when I have crossed the bar. "


Crossing the Bar.

These, as well as in the bosom of many others, were the quest of the soul. Wanting to peer beyond the vail, wanting to see the invisible.
REV. C.C. GOSEY, D.D., Th.D., S.Th.D.



The millennium Reign 

The Millennium Reign - Will You Be Surprised! Also predestination versus free will and six and interrogatives. The THOUSAND YEARS, the Millennium Age, the so-called Golden Age, without the Devil and HOW DOES IT END? If you don't remember anything else about the 20th chapter of Revelation, remember this ONE thing. It ends in the greatest rebellion against God the world has ever known. There is a reason for this. Read all about it in "The Millennium Reign" , as Paul Harvey would say ‘for the rest of the story”. 80 pages


The real purpose of this book is not to write another exegesis — whether good or not — about the Millennial Period. The Bible itself in many verses and in many books tells, in glowing terms, of an Age, when peace will flow like a river. Man has dreamed and the more visionary have not only dreamed, they have worked and planned to build a political power that would last a thousand years. Rome did it. Hitler's Third Reich (there were two before him) at­tempted to force the world into submission. From Nimrod, the first religious Politician, to Pharaoh, to Stalin and Musso­lini, they wanted peace by crushing opposition.

No, just the Millennium per se, as glorious as it will be, would not be enough to prompt writing this book. Better men have already done a worthy and acceptable job of that. I have read much of their most commendable works. With the VERY BEST of his efforts MAN will never bring about a millennium on Earth. BUT HE WILL BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO DO IT. And that is what this book is ALL ABOUT. God will give MAN an opportunity to marshall the GREATEST TALENT, the FINEST EXPERIENCE, under the MOST FAVORABLE CONDITIONS, even to the point of BINDING SATAN for a thousand years, to bring in a Paradise of his own making here on Earth. But he fails. The Millennium REIGN BECOMES GOD'S GREAT­EST PROOF THAT MAN "MUST BE BORN AGAIN". Without this 'SUPREME' EXPERIENCE WITH GOD, he is incorrigable, cannot be corrected, and depraved beyond reform.

Man has never believed this of himself. Adam 'passed the buck' to Eve (by saying 'the woman thou gavest me, SHE GAVE ME . . .) and she in turn blamed the Devil. It was the age-old story "the Devil made me do it". So God says "OK, to prove to you that you are as bad as I know you are, I'll take Satan out of your way, and give you a thousand years on your own. See what you can do with it." What happens?  Well, read the rest of the MILLENNIUM REIGN



The OT original Hebrew for the word "SHEOL." The NT Greek for HADES is GEHENNA, TARTAROO, and HELL compared to the LAKE OF FIRE." Also included are "THE WEDDING STORY". "THE UNIQUE CHRIST" and "CITY SET ON A MOUNTAIN". You will enjoy every word of it!
76 pages


This book, "THERE'S  NO PLACE LIKE HELL" by Dr. C.C. Gosey, is a "must" in the library of every Bible student and Teacher. The in depth study, the. clarity of expression and the concise manner of presentation make for a top place among "books for easy reading". After having read the first draft of this book, "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HELL" I am pleased to endorse it enthusiastically and to recommend it unreservedly as a comprehensive coverage of the subject. Dr. Gosey has done a service to the ministry in preparing "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HELL".

HOWARD 0. JAMESON, Th. D. ,Ph.D. Professor, Norfolk State College Norfolk, Virginia.
Dr. Jameson is President of Jameson Bible Institute Phil. Pa. He is also on the faculty of the University of Virginia and the Virginia Wesleyan College.



As to the exact moment of Christ's return for His Church, nobody knows. Beware of those who teach otherwise. Jesus himself said (Matt. 24:36), "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, not even the Angels, but my Father only." But He also said (Matt. 24:33, etc.),
"When you see certain things begin to come to pass, you can and should know that the time is NIGH (near, even at the door)."

So don't lull yourself into complacency with the idea "We can't know." If you don't know the signs which Jesus gave, whereby you could know the season, it's your own fault. Jesus commended the Pharisees for being able to "discern the sign of weather change." They did not have to wait until the rain fell to say "it will rain today." No, they knew beforehand — BY THE SIGNS in heaven and earth -that the rain was coming. To be aware of current events, to read, to listen, to see with your own eyes world conditions, and not believe Christ's return, is imminent; it is tantamount to saying, as the old fool says in his heart, "There is no God!" If you don't know, it's because you don't want to know.

Fundamental Christianity is not divided as much on the FACT OF HIS COMING as the TIME (as related to other events) OF HIS COMING. Sometimes, without "Rightly dividing the word of Truth," confusion may appear. Let me give an example of what I mean. 1 Thes. 4:17 shows Christ "coming in the air" without any mention of Him coming to Earth. We are "caught up to meet Him," while Zach. 14:4 reads, "His feet shall STAND ... on the Mt. of Olives." Then again it is said in 1 Thes. 5:2, "He will come as a thief," a secretive coming (1 Thes. 5:2); and in Revelation 1:7 we are told "every eye shall see Him." His coming is aid to be a  time of great JOY - the "GLORIOUS APPEARING". 76 Pages


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AS BIRDS FLYING also includes The Second Exodus and Thunder From Sinai

As birds flying so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending He will also deliver it; and passing over He will preserve it." Isaiah 31:5 The word BIRD here in the Hebrew is "OPH" and is the word from which the English words FOWLS or BIRDS is derived. The first time it is used in the Bible is Gen. 1:20 in the record of the FIFTH DAY of Creation. "Let the WATERS bring forth ABUNDANTLY the moving creatures that have life, and FOWL - OPH - that may FLY in the open firmament of HEAVEN." In Eccl. 10:20, "oph" is translated BIRD. "A BIRD of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath WINGS shall tell the matter."Incidentally, the verse of scripture (Eccl. 10:20) is used by many as a prophecy of the advent of RADIO and TELEVISION (Note:  and now the internet). And while that opens up an entirely new field of thought, it does seem appropriate that it be so applied. What better way could those prophets of old have described events and inventions their generation had never imagined, much less seen. "Birds of the AIR," i.e., AIRWAYS or AIRWAVES, "shall carry the voice." Man invades the heavens and projects his sense of speaking, hearing, and sight around the world and into the universe. Wonderful and marvelous! "Oh the depth of riches both the wisdom and the knowledge of God." Rom. 10:33
But let's get back to the text. That seemed so good I just could not resist putting it in for good measure. Now that we have expounded the words BIRDS and FLOWS, I sincerely hope will not view this as a FOWL sermon, or a message for the BIRDS!  74 pages .

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