Daniel Simplified & Daniel's Seventy Weeks

 This 8  foot X  30 inch   chart is made of a flexible vinyl

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More has been written about the book of Daniel than any other book of the Old Testament. Why? Because, unlike most other books, even of prophecy, this book is not only a partial history of one certain people, but it goes farther than any other book in predicting the future of world kingdoms, from Daniel's day to the very coming of the Messiah. The Bible, and especially the book of Daniel, sets itself above and apart from every other book of any age by its predictions of events of the future. Events which could only be known unto God and those to whom He reveals them. No other book of any age has attempted this to any extent. Where they have, their guesswork has resulted only in miserable failure, as the march of history leaves in its wake monumental evidence of man's inability to see beyond the end of his nose. The knowledge of the future is in the hands of the Almighty, and His servants. It has been said that we can know the future by the past. This is not true, we can only know the future by PROPHECY.


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