Book of Daniel Simplified



The Book of Daniel is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. The first part of the book, comprising six chapters, is the story of Daniel set in the courts of Babylonian and Achaemenid Empire during the time of the Babylonian captivity. The remainder of the book contain three visions and their interpretation.


"Much time and space could be used to refute and to criticize the critics of this great book. But to the great majority who will be interested in this writing few, if any, arguments will be needed. They will be believers. To the "willingly ignorant" no proof, no matter how scriptural it may be, will suffice. So we will only say on the HIGHEST AUTHORITY available in ANY age, it is the word of God. My "highest authority" ? None other than the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He testified of Daniel.

"When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by DANIEL THE PROPHET..." Mat. 24:15

Here Christ calls Daniel a PROPHET. You can't accept Christ and deny those of whom he testified. You can't accept Jesus and deny Jonah. Jesus testified of Jonah. Mat. 12: 40. You can't accept the Master and deny Noah, for Jesus clinches credulity in His testimony of the Flood in Mat. 24:37. To deny Daniel, or any thing else of the Old Testament, impeaches the integrity and veracity of the "HIGHEST" authority, for He said "I am the TRUTH." That is enough! Any addition would only be anti-climatic. It could not possibly add anything to the force and power of Christ's statement and certainly could take nothing away.


It is not the intent of the author to be exhaustive in these studies. Rather, suggestive would be the better word. There are already exhaustive writings on contemporary history which have researched persons, names, and dates which are far too massive for this work. We will avoid a repetition and certainly try not to imitate the many great records I, and maybe you, have read. We have struggled through the names of Kings and servants, some of which seemed to be two feet long and utterly unpronounceable, and dates imponderable. We will skip these for the more spiritual lessons where we can find them."

From Doc Gosey's Book Daniel Simplified Page 4





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