Typeseeing Thru The Tabernacle




What have we been looking for as we journeyed? TYPES! TYPES! TYPES! And there are plenty of them to see! MASTER, open our eyes that we may see with "EYES OF UNDERSTANDING."

"The eyes of your understanding being en­lightened ... ye may know what is the HOPE . .. the RICHES of His inheritance in the saints ..." Eph. 1:18

LORD, PLEASE "ANOINT OUR EYES WITH EYE-SALVE THAT WE MAY SEE" (Rev. 3:18) not only the truths in the following pages, but let us go deeper — into the very depths of the "knowledge of God," for all present and future TRUTHS are written in the TYPES of the Past. TYPOLOGY IS THE BROTHER OF PROPHECY

TYPESEEING THRU THE TABERNACLE is just that. We journey thru The Eastern Gate and thru the White Fence into the OUTER COURT, past the BRAZEN LAVER of WATER, then into the SANCTUARY (HOLY PLACE), then to the MOST HOLY PLACE. We see a type of Christ or the Church in every piece of furniture, from every curtain and color. Comparison is made with the NT plan of salvation. Every Tabernacle Type shows Christ in the past, present or future. You will enjoy this study as well as the "OFFERING" and the portion titled the "WORD". A must for the teacher. 80 pages



This book is meant to be limited to the study of the TABERNACLE, not TYPOLOGY in the more general sense. (My book on TYPOLOGY covers SYMBOLISM, TYPES, and SHADOWS, etc. While not exhaustive, it is thorough. You will enjoy it.)



Though God was dwelling among Israel, there were certain steps that had to be taken to get into His presence. You could not just walk off the streets or out of the wilderness into the THRONE ROOM. That was not possible. The Glory would have been too great. You could not have stood it. To gain audience of an earthly King, you must first be announced. You had to humble (prostrate) yourself; and even then, except the King extend the SCEPTER to you as a sign of acceptance, you could not petition.


God was in the HOLY OF HOLIES, the sinner was at the GATE in the White Fence near the ALTAR of Sacrifice, where death took place. It was as tho the Priest, standing at the ALTAR, was saying to God, "Lord, there is a man out here who wants to see you. In fact he is 'just dying' to see you." And the Lord answers, "Well, if he is 'dying,' he will have to be 'buried,' so take him to the WATER and bury him as soon as he dies. Then he must come inside the Sanctuary where the light of the Golden Lampstand, the Table of Shewbread, and the Altar of Incense are and then the Great Veil will be parted for him to come to the Mercy Seat. There I will meet with him."

Now the SPIRITUAL application of these things, as the Apostle Paul would say:








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