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Word of Faith (also known as Word-Faith or simply Faith), is a family of local Christian churches as well as a teaching movement kindred to many Pentecostal and Charismatic churches and individuals worldwide. The basic doctrine preached is that of salvation through Jesus Christ and what that “Salvation” entails. It is based on Jesus of Nazareth’s teachings concerning the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven and the state man can receive through the atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This state of new being or creation (Found in the Biblical passages 2 Corinthians 5:17 and  Galatians 6:15(Spirit, Soul and Body) can be received only through faith in the Word of God.

It is unique to other (more established) Christian denominations in that it emphasizes speaking, stating, or confessing verses found in the Bible, called the Word of God. The belief is that if one believes the Word of God and confesses it then the believer shall receive what they confessed. This act of believing and speaking is described by Jesus of Nazareth in Mark 11:22 and 23. The term itself “Word of Faith” is derived from the Biblical passage Romans 10:8 which speaks of "the Word of Faith that we preach."

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