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The Miracles Of Jesus

The Miracles Of Jesus

 What is a Miracle? If we look at the words the New Testament uses for miracles from the Greek text we see the following:

(1) It is an act of a supernatural being. The word dunamis has the idea of a supernatural power. It speaks primarily of the agent of the act. That power may be delegated to a human agent. Obviously, Jesus’ power came from God. So the idea from the word dunamis is that there is supernatural power involved.

(2) Another word - terasa - speaks of the effect. A miracle is an unusual event. Terasa speaks of the wonderment of the event – as in signs and wonders. As a matter of fact, terasa is always used with semeion.

(3) The Greek word semeion means sign. A miracle is a significant event. It has purpose. Matthew, Mark and Luke uses the first two more. John uses the word semion, because he is focused on the purpose of Jesus in performing the miracles.

(4) Therefore, in our search for a definition, if we combine the ideas of these words used in the New Testament, we might come up with the following definition:

Definition: A miracle is an unusual and significant event (terasa) which requires the working of a supernatural agent (dunamis) and is performed for the purpose of authenticating the message or the messenger (semeion).

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever". (Hebrews 13:8)

A man with leprosy Matthew 8:2-4 , Mark 1:40-42 , Luke 5:12-13
The faith of the Centurion Matthew 8:5-13 , Luke 7:1-10
Jesus heals many Matthew 8:14-15 , Mark 1:30-31 , Luke 4:38-39
Jesus calms the storm Matthew 8:23-27 , Mark 4:37-41 , Luke 8:22-25
The healing of demon possessed men Matthew 8:28-34 , Mark 5:1-15 , Luke 8:27-35
Jesus heals a paralytic Matthew 9:2-7 , Mark 2:3-12 , Luke 5:18-25
Jesus raises Jairus' daughter Matthew 9:18-25 , Mark 5:35-42 , Luke 8:49-55
A sick woman Matthew 9:20-22 , Mark 5:25-29 , Luke 8:43-48
Jesus heals the blind Matthew 9:27-31
Jesus heals the mute Matthew 9:32-33
Man with shriveled hand Matthew 12:10-13 , Mark 3:1-5 , Luke 6:6-10
Jesus and Beelzebub Matthew 12:22 , Luke 11:14
Jesus feeds the 5000 Matthew 14:15-21 , Mark 6:35-44 , Luke 9:12-17 , John 6:5-13
Jesus walks on the water Matthew 14:25-33 , Mark 6:48-51
The faith of the Canaanite (Syrophoenician) woman Matthew 15:21-28 , Mark 7:24-30
Jesus feeds the 4000 Matthew 15:32-38 , Mark 8:1-9
The healing of a boy with a demon Matthew 17:14-18 , Mark 9:17-29 , Luke 9:38-43
The temple tax Matthew 17:24-27
Blind Bartimaeus receives his sight Matthew 20:29-34 , Mark 10:46-52 , Luke 18:35-43
The fig tree withers Matthew 21:18-22 , Mark 11:20-25
Jesus drives out an evil spirit Mark 1:23-26 , Luke 4:33-35
The healing of a deaf and mute man Mark 7:31-37
The healing of a blind man at Bethsaida Mark 8:22-26
Large catch of fish Luke 5:4-11
Jesus raises a widow's son Luke 7:11-15
A crippled woman healed on the Sabbath Luke 13:11-13
A man with dropsy Luke 14:1-4
Ten healed of leprosy Luke 17:11-19
The servant of the high priest's ear Luke 22:50-51
Jesus changes water to wine John 2:1-11
Jesus heals the official's son John 4:46-54
The healing at the Pool of Bethasda John 5:1-9
Jesus heals a man born blind John 9:1-7
Jesus raises Lazarus John 11:1-44
Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish John 21:1-13



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