"...love without esteem cannot go far or reach high. It is an angel with only one wing." (Alexandre Dumas)

Love is like a butterfly
in so many, many ways.
It brings a bit of sunshine
even on gloomy days..

It makes our souls feel lighter
just to know it's there
And gives our spirits wings,
as if floating in the air..

It carries us to places
that we never knew before
And comes in many sizes,
shapes and hues galore..

Once we've seen it, we wish
to hold onto it so tight
But like a frail butterfly,
we must allow it free flight..

For if we should try to cage
it up and hold it in a pen,
We'll surely crush its wings,
and it'll never fly again..

To keep that love glowing
in our hearts each day,
We must remember always
to give some of it away..

Every little bit we give
to someone else to share
Comes back tenfold, and we've
so much to spare..

Put your love on gossamer
wings, and give it flight;
It will return to you,
and bring you much delight...

Author Unknown



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