Marriage Tips

Love is a great beautifier." (Louisa May Alcott)

Start each day with a kiss.
Be polite.
Be gentle.
Give gifts.
Smile often.
Laugh together.
Go out for a meal for no reason.
Accept your differences and adapt.
Do what the other person wants before they ask.
Listen carefully.
Encourage each other.
Pray for each other.
Do it their way.
Know their needs.
Compliment at least twice a day.
Telephone during the day.
Slow down.
Hold hands.
Ask for the other's opinion.
Show respect.
Welcome each other home.
Try to look your best.
Celebrate birthdays in a big way.
Apologize and say "I was wrong".
Forgive quickly.
Set up a romantic get-away.
Ask,' What can I do to make you happier?'
Be positive.
Be kind.
Be vulnerable.
Respond quickly to the other person's requests.
Reminisce about your favorite times together.
Treat each other's friends and relatives with courtesy.
Send flowers for no reason at all.
Be sensitive to each other's sexual desires.
Seek outside help when needed.
Watch sunsets together.
Say, I love you, frequently.
End the day with a hug.
Pray together daily.

"Be a fountain, not a drain". (unknown)


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