Today I thought of snowflakes
As they fell down from the sky
I never saw them quite this way
I cannot tell you why
For these I had a wanting
A treasure that was mine
The kind that touch your heart and soul
When given proper time
They gave a kind of wisdom
They gave a new begin
They spoke of people different
Some hurting deep within
They spoke of people happy
And those that are filled with joy
They spoke of every person
Every girl and every boy
They spoke of winter, deep and peaceful
And the Christmas morning star
They spoke of hopeful treasures
That aren't very far
They spoke of a creation
That only God can do
They spoke of how He loves me
And how much He loves you
He made these things for all to see
A glimmer of His peace
He is a loving Savior
And in Him is sweet release
Trust Jesus with your heart this year
As you see the snowflakes fall
He will hold you in His blessed peace
He lives to save us all . (Thea)




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