"You become a champion by fighting one more round. When things are tough, you fight one more round." (James Corbett)

Boxers know the importance of a strong finish. They know that many fights are won or lost in the final rounds. Uzziah made a splendid start when he became King at age 16. ( 2 Chronicles 26:1) Through his faithfulness to God, he restored his nation to honor and glory. Then he became proud and believed that the rules no longer applied to him.

Uzziah entered the temple to burn incense—a privilege restricted to the priests. Even when confronted about his sin, he arrogantly refused to listen. Uzziah stumbled before the finish
line. He was disqualified. Instead of a record of great victories, he left his throne in disgrace.
King Uzziah doesn't stand alone in history. Uzziah like many people for want of self-restraint are engaged in fighting with difficulties of their own making.

Many men and women who once walked humbly with God become proud and walk away from Him. They persist in disobedience and refuse to hear the voice of God, or the Godly advice of friends. The way they finish the final rounds of their life spoils the memory of their wonderful beginning. Have you wandered off course because you stopped following the Lord? You can get back on track and by God's grace get your "second wind." Humble yourself, get right with God,  and you can still finish strong.

0 Lord, it's true. I've wandered far
From what I know is right;
But now I want to come back home
And please You day and night. —

Keeping up with the Jones' .