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William Bross


William Bross (1813-1890), was a journalist and the editor of the Chicago Tribune.  In an interview, William Bross gave his reply to three questions inquiring how he attained success:

"1.  What maxims have had a strong influence on your life, and helped to your success?:

The Proverbs of Solomon and other Scriptures.  They were quoted a thousand times by my honored father, and caused an effort to do my duty each day, under a constant sense of obligation to my Saviour and fellow man.

2.  What do you consider essential elements of success for a young man entering upon such a profession as yours?:

Sterling, unflinching integrity in all matters, public and private.  Let everyone do his whole duty, both to God and man.  Let him follow earnestly the teachings of the Scriptures and eschew infidelity in all its forms.

3.  What, in your observation, have been the chief causes of the numerous failures in the life of business and professional men?:

What of integrity, careless of truth, reckless in thought and expression, lack of trust in God, and a disregard of the teachings of His Holy Word, bad company, and bad morals in any of their many phases."  - Wilbur F. Crafts, Successful Business Men of Today, p. 232.  Stephen Abbott Northrop, D.D., A Cloud of Witnesses (Portland, Oregon: American Heritage Ministries, 1987), p. 49.