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George Whitefield


George Whitefield (1714-1770) was the famous evangelist of the Great Awakening in the American colonies prior to the Revolutionary War.  His preaching up and down the Eastern seaboard of America did more than anything else to turn the thirteen isolated, individual colonies into one country.

Benjamin Franklin was so impressed at his preaching that he built an auditorium in Philadelphia for him to preach in.  That auditorium became the first building of the University of Pennsylvania, and has a bronze statue of George Whitefield in front.  Franklin also printed Whitefield's Journal, which grew to be tremendously popular.

In a sermon, George Whitefield proclaimed:

"Never rest until you can say, 'the Lord our righteousness.'  Who knows but the Lord may have mercy, nay, abundantly pardon you?  Beg of God to give you faith; and if the Lord give you that, you will by it receive Christ, with his righteousness, and his all...."

"None, none can tell, but those happy souls who have experienced it with what demonstration of the Spirit this conviction comes.... Oh, how amiable, as well as all sufficient, does the blessed Jesus now appear!  With what new eyes does the soul now see the Lord its righteousness!  Brethren, it is unutterable...."

"Those who live godly in Christ, may not so much be said to live, as Christ to live in them.... They are led by the Spirit as a child is led by the hand of its father...."

They hear, know, and obey his voice.... Being born again in God they habitually live to, and daily walk with God."  - J.L. Packer, The Startling Puritan (Carol Stream, IL: Christian History), Vol. XII, No. 2, Issue 28, p. 40.

George Whitefield declared:

"Would you have peace with God?  Away, then, to God through Jesus Christ, who has purchased peace; the Lord Jesus has shed his heart's blood for this.  He died for this; he rose again for this; he ascended into the highest heaven, and is now interceding at the right hand of God."  - J.L. Packer, The Startling Puritan (Carol Stream, IL: Christian History), Vol. XII, No. 2, Issue 28, p. 39.